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Untitled :iconchic-con-sticks:CHiC-con-STiCKS 0 0
Those Melancholy Days
To have someone see you as you truly are and give you up, throw you out, and leave is the worst sensation man could endure.
And people wonder why I’m stuck inside myself.
More like lost.
Helplessly wandering through an abyss consisting solely of memories of us
As if there was nothing else left to torture my being… I can still smell you…
Daisies on my pillow and bed sheets leaving a small trail of your rosemary regret.
You told me all your regrets, even mentioned us. Snuck us in behind being true to yourself.
I was aghast. Shocked. Stunned. But then again I was relieved.
You still kissed me that day. Even in broad daylight. You were afraid someone would see
But then again you were beyond caring.
It was as if you knew you’d be out of this town within a month.
And you were gone.
And I missed you.
But you replaced me with what you so desperately wanted us to be.
And I’m left here alone reminiscing in what memories I so desperately wish to forget
Sitting on a
:iconchic-con-sticks:CHiC-con-STiCKS 0 1
I'm a Zombie.
These lies stick to your teeth.
Scratch and tear at your heart.
Drown your soul in darkness.
And make you question your will to live.
When you look back on these lies:
your stomach sinks.
The voices cackle at your stupidity.
Your blood boils.
An invisible knife penetrates your gut,
your lungs,
and so your heart burns.
Fire licks at innards and consumes your soul,
your hope,
your life.
You've been tainted with the poison of the regret.
And everyone can see the scars you've been left with.
So people point, stare, mock,
joke, uncover, and add to:
Your pain, scars, and damage.
All you can do is cry,
because you don't want to give them the satisfaction of being dead.
Or maybe, you do.
Now you're a Zombie,
Because the truth is, they've also taken away your ability to care.
And I know you are.
Because I'm one too.
:iconchic-con-sticks:CHiC-con-STiCKS 4 5
A Change In Scenery :iconchic-con-sticks:CHiC-con-STiCKS 12 8 Salt and Pepper :iconchic-con-sticks:CHiC-con-STiCKS 4 0 All The Things Those Eyes Have Seen :iconchic-con-sticks:CHiC-con-STiCKS 0 0 Confirmation Rose :iconchic-con-sticks:CHiC-con-STiCKS 4 4 White and Blue :iconchic-con-sticks:CHiC-con-STiCKS 5 0 One Woman Band :iconchic-con-sticks:CHiC-con-STiCKS 5 0 Owl Army :iconchic-con-sticks:CHiC-con-STiCKS 18 0 Yellow Line :iconchic-con-sticks:CHiC-con-STiCKS 4 0
You gave me bread on a rainy day
Such goodness took my breath away.
You told the world how you felt.
Through shallow confusion my heart melt.
We grew close and drifted apart.
I still love you with all my heart.
I found you hurt and to a cave we fled.
I could only kiss your lips but I watched as you bled.
I had to go to save your life.
I broke a promise that ended your strife.
You found some berries and ended a life.
We heard a cannon; a dog was near.
We ran for the Cornucopia and fled our fear.
Climbing the metal, making it safe.
Cato appeared but I had faith.
He grabbed you up, said it was over.
I had more luck than a four-leaf clover.
He fell to the dogs and they chewed him up.
The Capitol said, "YO MAN, WASSUP?"
"Only one victor can win in the end!"
I told him I wouldn't go without him.
So we grabbed our berries, sorry Prim.
The Capitol wailed, "NO STOP!"
"The winners are Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark!"
:iconchic-con-sticks:CHiC-con-STiCKS 44 20
You want a cube?
Of Sugar I mean.
Lovely loaves of bread versus . . . me?
Throw out the Peeta and give me a whirl.
Finnick is better than both Peeta and Gale.
Feel my abs, do they astound you?
You fight the power, but let me in!
I promise I won't cost you another mortal sin.
I'm Finnick Odair: hottest enemy.
But let's be honest, you can't resist putting your hands on me.
I grew up with water, you're the girl with flames.
We belong together on a Trojan ad, dame.
Don't gasp at that, you're not that innocent!
I saw you in that cave oh so indecent.
Find another cave with me and I'll show you MY "rent".
We'll rule the games together!
Everdeen and Odair.
Maybe if you're lucky . . We'll even conjure up an heir!!
:iconchic-con-sticks:CHiC-con-STiCKS 32 9
Courtney. :iconchic-con-sticks:CHiC-con-STiCKS 6 4
Why You.
I feel a strange sensation
one of which I cannot deny
the fact that I can feel this hole
makes me want to cry.
I'll close my eyes
Scream out what cannot be true
It is
and so I wonder if the person I really know is you.
I can't imagine what happened.
The picture is blurred in my mind.
Like fog covering up something I wasn't meant to find.
Yet I can see it clear as day.
It doesn't matter if my eyes are gaping or shut
I never thought I'd hear you say any of those words.
all I want to do is pray.
I'm not a very religious person,
but I believe in Jesus Christ.
And the fact that I'm asking him for help
is something that won't be left unrecognized.
I can't tell you how sad you've made me.
From everything you've done.
You say I'm a good friend.
But have I really won?
I can't tell you how mad you've made me.
From everything you've said.
You say I'm a good friend:
from holding your burden that weighs a ton.
You say you're glad you met me.
And I have to tell you the same.
You're not a perfect per
:iconchic-con-sticks:CHiC-con-STiCKS 5 14
The Things They Tell Me
I'm a brat.
I'm spoiled rotten.
I'm ungrateful.
I'm not good enough for my friends or family.
I can't commit to anything.
I look like my father.
And I act like him too. . .
I get bad grades.
I don't dress girly enough.
There are a million kids that deserve better than me.
I'm jealous.
I'm a sinner.
I lie.
I don't do everything I should.
I have a bad temper.
I'm depressed.
I'm needy.
I'm Lonely.
I'm greedy.
I'm fat.
I'll never be pretty enough.
I'm too stupid to realize my potential.
I'm throwing my life down the drain.
I deserve what I get.
I'm not doing enough.
I forget.
I pursue.
I try.
I fail.
I work.
I struggle.
I fight.
I yell.
I cry.
I'm a brat and it's my fault.
:iconchic-con-sticks:CHiC-con-STiCKS 5 8


Doodle: Yeah Right :iconodiefarber:OdieFarber 43 14
if she were any more tomato she'd be blueberry
i want to write about how this world of
absolute truth, knowledge, and solid food—
that which we hold high between two fingers is always
full of watery applesauce and little white half-truths.
and about how utterly strange
it is that all the simple things that people
write about on pages are, in reality,
very few and far between.
and i want to write about how there is
peace and war and
poverty and treasure and
cruelty and sometimes,
small and
of grace.
i want to write a poem about why the hell i'm wasting
my time writing poems when i could maybe
actually be doing something productive
or contributing to society or
something like
and i want to write about why there aren't
nearly enough apple trees that grow—
in dark moldy closets or underwater
or on the sun or inside craters of the moon
or in the desert or in the deep winter.

because god knows those places
need them now mor
:iconmindlessthinker:MindlessThinker 332 138
You Wonderful Boy. :iconblindbandit5:blindbandit5 1,462 298 Don't be ridiculous. :iconblindbandit5:blindbandit5 1,286 141 Glued To My Hands :iconcainpascoe:CainPascoe 1,608 202 An outlaws tale :iconsilvestervitale:SilvesterVitale 1,964 492 Least Cool Person :iconsebreg:sebreg 2,163 139
I'd pay a penny,
i'd pay many,
i'd pay pounds,
to stay around,
i'd pay every thing of worth,
to stay on the same earth,
as you.
i'd tread on a mole hill,
i'd climb a slope,
i'd traverse the worst land,
just to reach your hand,
i'd fix a broken pen,
so that i could write for you,
i'd watch a boring movie,
to the end,
just so i could lie with you,
i'd eat something nasty,
on a romantic occasion,
just to spend time with you,
there's no silly little thing,
i couldn't do for you,
because love is film,
that i like the soundtrack to,
and you're the only person,
that sounds the same.
:iconrichardkail:RichardKail 5 6
The Cow
Today -
I drove out to the country -
        to visit my dead gran.
My worldly fears between my ears,
        I saw a wasted land.
I passed a rotting cattle-ranch -
        a rusting, ugly smear.
Its inmates anchored to the ground,
        tails whacking at their rears.
I thought: If I were one of them -
        wouldn't life be less a drag?
To have one purpose!  Then, to die!
        While here, as man, I lag?
So I made respects against gran's grave -
        laid flowers by her head.
My deed then done, I drove again,
        head heavy as hard lead.
The cow stood by the self-same place -
        though death he should ha
:icontawneyk:TawneyK 2 5
Cowards Way Out
Did you really think,
That taking the cowards way out,
Would prove anything,
Except all of our worst fears?
Did you even think,
About the ones that you have now?
And the pain that you'd bring,
If you were to leave them all here...?
Do you really think,
You're life is just so horribly unbearable,
That you need to take this knife,
And do something you know is terrible?!
How many times,
Have I told you it isn't worth it?
How selfish of you,
To expect your life to be picture perfect.
:iconinvoking:Invoking 31 32
Through The Fire And Flames
I'd rather die in blood than be controlled,
Vengeance is a pretty word,
I'm not going to leave my story untold,
This is the saddest ballad you've ever heard…
Cold, like the stones you lie upon,
Heartless, like the beast you are,
Afraid of the inevitable dawn,
Flightless birds don't get far…
Freedom is worth the casualties,
Freedom is what's been denied me,
Freedom is worth the endless fees,
Freedom is all living is worthy to be…
Death is satisfaction,
Death is what will become of you,
Death is a fatal attraction,
And yours is way past due…
:iconvampiricbountyhunter:VampiricBountyHunter 13 2
unknown :icondecolour:decolour 3 5 Cow Ghost :iconsebreg:sebreg 892 51 I'm Harry Potter :iconsebreg:sebreg 1,910 78
The Obscene Philosophy of Not Giving a Fuck .
Steal a kiss, plant a seed
deep into asphalt.
My skin is soft, my heart a rock,
its beat even and bold.
It was once cracked and crushed to sand
falling from his hand.
But it found light and will and spite
in rock it learned to mend.
Black veils fell, true colors showed,
we're nothing but obscene.
I was a fool, there is no love
to feel at age of teen.
So steal a kiss, take something else,
I've lost it all before
he lied through teeth when he held me-
the woman he adored.
I love myself and only me,
won't share it with a boy.
I'm better off with friendly flings,
a lover - merely toy.
:iconsasunaru16:sasunaru16 34 18


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Tasha Marie
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This is a trip. Most of this stuff is old, like, really old. Currently a student at American University, where I am pursuing a major in Film & Media Arts with a concentration in Screen Writing. On top of that, I'm looking into getting a minor in Philosophy because i'm low-key pretentious and need it for my résumé. Not many people will "get" my sense of humor, but if you do, congrats, "you've made it." Contemplating adding some newer things just to get back into sharing what i've written and been working on.

Current Residence: Washington DC
Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock/ Indie/ Electronic Rock
Favourite Writers: Bukowski, Sartre, Plath, Camus, D. Thomas, T.S. Eliot
They drive you crazy, but they make life worth it.
Especially when you meet someone new, and they become one your best friends (if not your best friend)..
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